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Why do my gums bleed?

Of course your gums can bleed if you have poor oral hygiene. If you rarely floss, brush only occasionally, and haven’t been to your dentist for your routine professional cleaning, you’ve probably noticed that your gums bleed.

But what if you do all those things?! What if you have an impeccable hygiene routine? There are other not-so-obvious causes of gum bleeding. Read on to learn more about common reasons.

You’re pregnant

Pregnancy hormones change more than just your body and mood. They also affect your gum health. This is short-term and usually goes away once you deliver your baby and your body starts to return to normal. It’s particularly important to stay routine during pregnancy, and as we’ve previously mentioned, it’s safe (and recommended!) to do so.

It’s “That time of month”

For reasons similar to #1, women can experience an increase in bleeding and sensitivity 1-2 days before their cycle begins. This is caused by the changing hormonal levels and returns to normal within a few days. Prolonged gum bleeding/sensitivity may lead us to believe that there are other causes.

New Medication

Certain medications can cause increased gum bleeding. If you are taking calcium channel blockers, anticonvulsants, or immunosuppressants, talk to your dentist/or physician if these medications are appropriate for you, and how to manage the gum bleeding.

Rough dental work

If you have had dental work done in the past and you notice bleeding coming from the area that was treated, it’s possible that the filling needs to be changed.

Overhangs, open margins, and poor fitting crowns could all be causing gum bleeding. See your dentist if this sounds like you.

Food Impaction

If you notice food getting stuck in a particular area, there’s a good chance that area also bleeds. Food causes inflammation of the area, and will cause localized bleeding. If you notice bleeding in your entire mouth, this is likely NOT the reason. As always, Drs. Singh and Sinha are here to help. Schedule an appointment today!


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