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Debunking myths you’ve probably heard about dentistry

Myth: Deep cleanings weaken teeth.

Truth: Gum treatment, or periodontal therapy, is a procedure specially designed to get all the gunk off your teeth. Think of gums and the tartar that grows like an iceberg--there's often a lot more underneath the surface than you can see, and some people need professional help to get it all off. Many times, it's needed to SAVE your teeth from further destruction.

Myth: Dental x-rays cause cancer.

Truth: Low-dose, digital radiography has come a long way and is vitally important to ensure that you don't have underlying dental disease. X-rays allow us to see underneath crowns, between teeth, and allow us to visualize the bone. Often, underlying infections are caught solely on x-rays! Refusing x-rays at the dentist but expecting him/her to do a good job is like asking a chef to make a 5-course meal without pots &'s practically impossible.

Myth: Flossing makes your gums bleed.

Truth: NOT flossing makes your gum bleed. Think of it like working out-if you rarely exercise, you'll be sore every time. The more you do it and the more consistent you are, the better it gets. You’ll reap the rewards of regularly flossing in no time.

Myth: Straight teeth are just for vanity.

Truth: Crooked teeth, or malocclusion, affects proper breathing, gum health, the condition of teeth, the stability of your TMJ, and yes, often it affects people's confidence. Moving teeth to their correct position has numerous benefits far beyond just appearance. Straight teeth are easier to floss and brush. Your gums will thank you by bleeding less and appearing less puffy and red. You're likely to get fewer cavities, and your TMJ won’t be hurting as much either. You’ll even smile more from the confidence you gain from a healthy mouth.

What other dental myths have you heard? Any other ones that should be dispelled? Send them into the comments below!


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