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Make the most of your Invisalign

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Metal braces have been used for years to treat malocclusion. Though they are quite effective in solving some of the most complicated cases of misaligned teeth, they are aesthetically displeasing.

Also, the wires and brackets can be uncomfortable, and also they may cause injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth when the patient suffers external trauma.

These limitations of traditional braces brought up a need for a safer orthodontic aligner that is effective and doesn’t ruin the appearance of the mouth. All of this is provided by Invisalign, which is the most advanced orthodontic aligner available at the moment. It is made from dental grade clear plastic that remains ‘hidden’ when you wear it, but gently and constantly keeps moving your teeth to their desired positions.

How efficient is the aligner?

Considering the non-metallic nature of Invisalign aligners, it may raise doubts in the minds of patients regarding its efficiency. Invisalign is based on a revolutionary technology backed by a reliable and advanced software that helps the dentist track the movement of the teeth accurately during the course of the treatment. The material used to fabricate the aligners, though gentle on the gums, carries out its function of moving the teeth to their right positions.

What’s the procedure involved?

Initially, we will examine your teeth to determine the severity of malocclusion and how best to go about the treatment. The data obtained from photographs and molds will be used to manufacture your customized aligners.

During the treatment period, the aligners will have to be replaced once every two weeks with a new set. The new aligners will be slightly modified in comparison to the previous one to accommodate for the change in the teeth alignment. On average, Invisalign treatment would require anywhere between fifteen to thirty sets of aligners.

How long would I have to use Invisalign?

The treatment period varies from person to person and depends on the severity of malocclusion. It may range between a few months to a couple of years. Every day, you will have to wear it for at least 22 hours and take it off only while brushing teeth and eating food. Each time you start using a new aligner, it may feel a little weird against your teeth as it would be pressing against your teeth and trying to gently move them. However, this feeling would wear down and you’ll get used to it in about two days.

How do I care for my teeth and the aligners?

Sometimes, we may tend to brush our teeth, but not floss. This may affect the effectivity of the aligners, as any food particles stuck in between the teeth could apply unwanted pressure on the teeth. Be sure to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth every single day without fail.

When it comes to the care of the aligners, they must be kept clean by rinsing with water every time they are taken off. You can use antibacterial soap for this purpose. Also, you shouldn’t chew on them, as it could alter their shape.

Call our office at 408.227.0910 or schedule an appointment online if you have questions about Invisalign. We can also set up a complimentary consultation. 


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