Same Day Crowns and Fillings

Same-day Crowns and Fillings

The traditional way of getting a crown is quite a tedious process. During the initial visit, the dentist would examine your teeth, administer anesthesia, prepare the tooth for the crown, and take a goopy, messy mold of the tooth that will receive the crown.  Later, it would be sent to a dental laboratory for fabrication, which would take at least a couple of weeks to be available.

Meanwhile, you would be given a temporary crown, which would most likely be ill-fitting. During subsequent visits, another shot of anesthesia would be given, the temporary crown would be removed, and the permanent crown would be bonded on to the tooth using dental adhesives. 

But, this isn’t how things are done at Smiletheory.

We provide the best fitting and most aesthetically pleasing crowns and fillings on the same day of your initial consultation. You wouldn’t have to pay multiple visits to our practice at all!

How can crowns be fabricated so quickly?

Smiletheory is proud to invest in technology that makes our dentistry faster, more predictable, and more comfortable for our patients.  Our main aim is to provide our patients with the best service and make sure they leave our practice with a smile that they are absolutely happy with.

We use CEREC technology to fabricate crowns in a limited time frame. Digital images of the particular tooth, as well as the entire mouth, is taken and immediately uploaded into the software. The software uses CAD/CAM technology, which is known for its high precision, to map out the exact dimensions, features, and contour of the crown.

This data will be sent to a mechanized milling machine which, with the help of its cutting edge technology, carves out the crown from a piece of tooth-colored porcelain. The crowns would be so perfect that there would be little to no adjustments needed to be made by the dentist. They will be made to match the exact shade, texture, and translucency of the remaining teeth.

Same-day fillings

Fillings are also done in just one visit to our clinic. The tooth would be examined and the decay would be removed. During this process, the dentist decides whether or not to administer anesthesia to numb the tooth. A filling will be prepared using tooth-colored composite material and made to match the exact color of the remaining teeth. It will be applied to the cavity, shaped according to the contour and hardened using a curing light.

Schedule an appointment with us today and get your restorations done in a single visit!

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