Anti-Anxiety Options

Anti-Anxiety Options

The very idea of visiting a dentist can cause panic and anxiety in some people. A common misconception is that dental treatment will be painful and uncomfortable. At Smiletheory, we strive to provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that will help put our patients at ease as soon as they walk through our door. 

Our staff is well trained to handle situations where a patient is too anxious during the treatment. They are friendly, cooperative and tend to your needs. In fact, they insist on understanding the patient’s dental history and what exactly makes them apprehensive while visiting a dentist. This helps us develop a mutual trust with our patients, making them fully relaxed and comfortable during the dental treatment.

Non-Medicated Options

We have equipped our office with the latest technology that helps reduce anxiety without medications. We have wireless Bluetooth headphones so you can jam to your favorite music while getting your treatment done. We also have Blu-Ray DVDs, TV and warm neck pillows to further immerse our patients into relaxation. Dr. Singh is knowledgeable about different anesthetic techniques and can skillfully get most people anesthetized with little discomfort.

Sedatives and relaxants

For those who need medication to aid in reducing anxiety, we offer nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, to ease the patient’s nerves. Nitrous oxide imparts a feeling of relaxation and makes ordinary things seem much funnier. It will be mixed with oxygen and can be inhaled directly. Its effects would wear off with time and have no side effects. Furthermore, prescription anxiety-reducers can also be given to those patients who need it.

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