Dental Extractions & Bone Grafting

Dental Extractions & Bone Grafting 

It is expected that you will experience bleeding after surgery. Following surgery, apply pressure to the surgical area by biting onto a gauze pad for up to 1 hour. Replace the gauze as needed during this time. After this time, sufficient clotting should be achieved. Some “oozing” of blood from the area is normal and will continue up to 24 hours. Please contact our office immediately if you experience “gushing” of blood even after maintaining firm pressure on the surgical site for 1 hour. 

Children who have had a dental extraction should be carefully supervised while the anesthesia is still in effect. Many children inadvertently bite and injure their lip, cheek, or tongue during the recovery period.

Please fill any prescriptions that have been prescribed to you and take the medicines as directed. On occasion, antibiotics are prescribed to help prevent infection. If you have been placed on antibiotics, it is critical to take the medicine as directed.

You may experience swelling around the face, eyes, or surgical site. This could occur up to 3 days post-surgery. Apply a cold compress to the face near the surgical site to help minimize swelling. You may apply the cold compress for up to 20 minutes on and at least 20 minutes off as needed. After 36 hours the cold compress will have no further impact on swelling. After this period, the application of moist heat to the sides of the face can help reduce swelling.

  • Do not suck on a straw or smoke for 3 days following surgery
  • Avoid hot temperature foods, spicy foods, and carbonated and alcoholic beverages for 24 hours post-surgery.
  • Avoid brushing your teeth, rinsing your mouth, or spitting forcefully for 24 hours post-surgery.
  • Limit rigorous activities on the day of your surgery such as heavy lifting or exercise. The day following surgery, resume with normal activities as feels comfortable. 
  • Starting the second day post-surgery, gently rinse with warm salt water (one-half teaspoon of salt in an eight ounce glass of water) 3-4 times a day.
  • During the first few days after surgery restrict your diet to liquids and soft foods.
  • Occasionally, surgery requires the placement of sutures. Most sutures we use in our office will dissolve on their own in 7-10 days. If you have sutures that do need a follow-up visit for removal, we will let you know at the time they are placed.

Please call our office if you experience severe pain, excessive bleeding or swelling, or if you have any questions or concerns. If you are experiencing a serious or life threatening emergency, please call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room.

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